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No Ladder, No Problem!

Updated: Mar 31

When you think of a window cleaner, what image comes to mind? Maybe an old boy at the top of a ladder, with his bucket and sponge, peering through your window and giving you the fright of your life? Leaving soapy streaks on your windows and holes in your lovely lawn where the ladder feet dug in? Maybe leaving ladder marks on your walls and window sills, and making one heck of a racket in the process?

Well thankfully, those days are long gone. These days, most reputable window cleaners use the Pure Water Reach system. Maybe you have driven by someone using one and wondered how they work? Can they possibly leave the windows looking clean? And how on Earth will they dry them after?

This blog has been created to answer any questions you may have about this method and squash any concerns you may have.

How Does It Work?

The water we use is purified using a 5 stage system called a Reverse Osmosis System. Sounds fancy hey? But all it does is remove everything from the water that could cause any water marks. The water is stored in the van, and pumped from there through the hose. The long poles then reach your window and the non-abrasive brushes scrub off any dirt. Then we rinse them off with the pure water and leave them to dry naturally. It's that simple.

Will it dry with any marks?

No. Oh, OK, I probably should expand.... Because the water is purified, it will dry without any marks. The only way it will leave marks is if the water isn't properly purified (eg. the filters need changing), or not enough time and care has been taken in cleaning and rinsing them. This will most likely happen, if ever, on first time cleans as the windows may have years of dirt on them. At JHF Window Cleaning we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with the end result, we will re-clean your windows at no further cost. Guaranteed!

Why Use This Method Over the Old Way?

Good question. And the reason is that it's simply better in every way.

It reaches heights ladders simply can't, up to 65 feet! It leaves a better finish, with no risk of soap suds dripping down your window 20 minutes later. It cleans the frames and sills a lot more thoroughly than a cloth or scrim does. Plus, as mentioned in the introduction, there will be no nasty ladder marks left on your property. And last, but certainly not least, it is easily the safest possible method of cleaning windows!

So there it is! A brief, but (hopefully) informative post about the benefits of this modern, efficient and safe way of cleaning windows! If you have any questions, drop me an email or text! And if you would like a FREE quote, contact JHF Window Cleaning today!

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