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Blocked Gutter? Time to Get the Vacuum Cleaner!

Updated: Mar 31

Have you looked up at your gutters recently? Noticed a garden growing up there? Maybe it's time to get the vacuum out! No, put the Henry away. Yep, the Dyson won't work either (other brands are available). But you need a different type of vacuum. One that can reach further than that old boiled sweet that you forgot fell between the couch cushions. You need a gutter vac! Don't have one? Don't worry, because we do!

So what does a gutter vacuum do? It vacuums your gutters....obviously! Yes, it' that simple. We attach several poles together, connect them to hose, which connects to a vacuum. Then turn it on and let the vacuum do its job!

Thrilling right?? Exciting stuff! But after you have calmed down from all the excitement, you may be thinking: "What's the point?" Is it really that important to get your gutters cleared?

In short, yes it is! Even if you have become attached to that plant growing up there (you may have even named it), it can actually do a lot of damage! Blocked gutters can eventually cause leaks inside your home. And that's never fun! Or cheap to fix! So this comparatively cheap prevention method is definitely worth it!

Another positive is that you really only ever have to get your gutters cleared around once a year. Sometimes even less often than that!

So don't risk it! Contact us now to get a free quote for your gutter clearing!

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