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FAQ's - Let's clear some things up!

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Here are the answers to some questions we get asked a lot. If you have any more we haven't thought of, just ask!

How Often Should I Get My Windows Cleaned?

We recommend monthly or bi-monthly to keep your windows looking great all year round.

How Can I Pay You?

Strictly railway bonds only..... Just kidding! We use a service called Go Cardless. This is a handy service which takes the hassle out of paying. You spend a bout 60 seconds doing a one time setup, then after each clean, we apply for payment. You get instantly notified, and 3 days later the money will go out of your account, then straight to us a few days later. It's that simple! It is also completely safe, secure, and can be cancelled at any time!

Other forms of payment we accept are BACS and cash.

What Do You Charge?

This of course varies depending on the service you require and the size of your property. But we pride ourselves on clear, competitive prices. We will always give you a quote before we begin services, and stick to that price! No hidden fees or nasty surprises. Ever!

Do I Need To Be Home When You Clean My Windows?

No. As long as we can get pre-arranged access, we can clean your windows while you are out and leave an invoice or card to say we have been. Of course, if you would rather be home, we can always try our best to accommodate you. We can always text you the night before if you would like, to let you know we are coming.

How Many Ounces in a Gallon?

No idea.....sorry!

I hope you found that semi-helpful! If you have any other questions at all just drop us an email and we would be happy to help you.


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